Therapy to set you free

Director's Statement

I’m Pierre Immelman. I am trained in trauma counselling, hypnosis and life coaching. Do you know how people can have fears, mental blocks or habits and undefined boundaries that stop them from being the best they choose to be or prevents them from achieving their goals in life?

Well, I help companies, groups and individuals breakthrough whatever that is preventing them from being the best they choose to be and then sets them off on their journey towards achieving what they set their minds on.

I mostly do this through active listening and seeing through the mist of lives challenges and helping people find a healthy balance between caring for themselves, their families and investment in relationships where they are celebrated so they can live fulfilling and meaningful lives.


Hypnogenixpert4peeble is a Christian orientated, non-racist preferred choice of all people from all races, sexual orientation and age for a holistic approach to conscious and subconscious wellness.


Hypnogenixpert4peeble exists to guides its clients to conscious and subconscious wellness that supports them in being the best they choose to be.


Hypnogenixpert4peeble operates by the following guiding principles:

Assertive Integrity, Confidentiality, Client Service, Merit-based Equality and Quality Service Delivery.

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