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What is pastoral counselling?

Pastoral counselling is the utilisation of a variety of therapy to help people resolve and/or cope with their problems and crises constructively, and in doing so experience healing of their brokenness. Pastoral counselling is a reparative function needed when the growth of individuals is seriously jeopardised or blocked by crises. People may need pastoral counselling in times of severe crises, usually on a short-term basis, but pastoral care is a lifetime requirement. Pastoral counselling is an intervention when a crisis sets in. The focus of pastoral counselling intervention is to restore the growth process of an individual, that has been obstructed by a crisis. Pastoral counselling is an e

How A Reflexology Foot Massage Changed My Life After Just One Hour

-By Jessica DeFino Jan. 15, 2020 By Jessica DeFinoJan. 15, 2020SHARE I don’t love my feet. They’re big, with proportionally big, wide toes. I’m barefoot a lot, so they’re calloused and sometimes dirty. I even gave up nail polish in an effort to lower my body’s chemical burden, so I can’t hide my not-very-nice-looking feet behind a pedicure anymore. Last month, on a weekend vacation in Mexico, I went to take a picture of my feet in the sand to text my husband, and I couldn’t bear to press send. They looked deceased! Missing only a toe tag! So I booked a reflexology foot massage at the hotel spa, because my poor feet were stressed, and they deserved better. My feet (and head, and back) were pa

9 Basic Benefits of Counselling

Counselling is often the best weapon we have against a whole range of emotional issues like depression, grief and anxiety. Despite doing everything right, leading a perfect life, exercising and getting all the nutrients you need in your diet. Still, nothing can entirely substitute real human interaction and the benefits you get from it. In years gone by, mental health was a subject not to be discussed. Fortunately, counselling is valuable for more than addressing psychological health problems. Because of this people are now beginning to speak freely about their issues. When counselling is applied correctly, it is an excellent tool for helping address relationship problems, trauma, stressful

Living a life without boundaries is no life at all

When boundaries are not adequately defined and maintained, it leads to conflict with families, friends, spouse, children, at work, with God and with oneself. Good people struggle with tremendous confusion about healthy boundaries and question: Is it legitimacy to have boundaries? Can one still be a loving Christian when limits are set? What if someone is hurt and upset by one having boundaries? Is it right to set boundaries when someone wants your time, love, energy, or money? How can boundaries be right when you feel guilty or afraid when you consider setting boundaries? Are boundaries selfish? Why is it so difficult to hear “NO” from other people? Why is it that someone wants to control ot

A brief history of hypnosis

So here is a brief history of hypnosis. Hypnosis or some form of it, and not necessary called hypnosis at that time, has been around and used for thousands of years – There are references to it in Egypt, Greece, China and other civilisations. For example, there are references to sleep temples in Egypt, and various other different practices dating back to 3000 BC, that resembles aspects of the hypnosis modality as we know it today. Looking at these techniques and practices that were used prior to 1770s, one find that its primary focus was healing – whether it is Psychological of physical healing. The idea of healing prominently consisted of techniques involving the trance induction, through m

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