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Does it all seem hopeless and are you feeling helpless?

“It was so hard to push suicidal thoughts out of my mind that I would wake up and I would think about suicide. I would sleep for my two hours a night and I would dream about suicide. You know, I would go to bed thinking about suicide.” – Words of a client.

Suicide Stats for SA

Suicide - Men (SA) 1997 to 2016

Suicide - Women (SA) 1997 to 2016

Men mainly commit suicide through hanging while the main methods in the case of women are poisoning or hanging.

Suicide - SA 1997 to 2016

South Africa has the 6th highest suicide rate in Africa. Wouter Lombard from pharmaceutical company Cipla said data from the WHO revealed that about 11.6 of every 100000 people in South Africa commit suicide. “It is commonly accepted the majority of suicides and suicide attempts occur among individuals who suffer from depression, with the WHO estimating that more than 300million people are affected by depression worldwide.”

Do you know what hopelessness feels like?

Are you experiencing the following?

  1. Appearing sad or feeling depressed most of the time

  2. Persistent or worsening trouble sleeping or eating healthy

  3. Feeling worthless and having self-doubt.

  4. Lack of hope – hard to imagine that things will ever get better.

  5. Lack of optimism.

  6. Lack of passion.

  7. Your situation is unsolvable - thinking: “Why should I even bother”

  8. No expectation of future improvement or success.

  9. Desperate sadness.

  10. Are you like someone trying to get a salary increase from an employee that’s going out of business?

  11. Feeling depressed or anxious.

  12. Going through difficult times.

  13. Experiencing pain.

  14. Hopelessness without a specific reason.

  15. Feeling overwhelmed, trapped, insecure, or that challenges are insurmountable.

  16. Losing interest in hobbies, work, school, or other things you used to care about

  17. Experiencing frequent and dramatic mood changes

  18. Having feelings of extreme guilt or shame

  19. Having feelings of failure or frustration from not doing things as well as you used to

  20. Feeling as if life is not worth living, or as if you have no sense of purpose

  21. Feeling trapped, like there is no way out of a situation

  22. Feelings of despair or thinking there’s no solution to your problems

If in addition, changes in behaviour are warning signs that you may need to seek help. These include:

  1. Performing poorly at work or school

  2. Acting recklessly or engaging in risky activities without thinking of consequences

  3. Engaging in self-destructive violence or violent behaviour such as punching holes in walls or getting into fights; feeling rage or uncontrolled anger; or contemplating revenge

  4. Acting as though you have a “death wish,” tempting fate by taking risks that could lead to death, such as driving fast or running red lights

  5. Giving away prized possessions

  6. Putting your affairs in order, tying up loose ends, and/or making out a will

  7. Seeking access to firearms, pills, or other means of harming yourself

If feelings of hopelessness are accompanied by any of the following, you should reach out for help immediately:

  1. You feel like a burden to others.

  2. You are thinking you'd be better off dead, are making plans to harm yourself, or are thinking about suicide.

  3. You are not taking care of yourself in the ways that you need to stay alive.

Any of these thoughts or behaviours requires attention. If you have serious thoughts of death or suicide or are thinking about hurting or killing yourself, call the following toll-free numbers: 0800 12 13 14 or 0861 32 23 22

Alternatively contact Hypnogenixpert4peeble 082 468 6960 to make an appointment for consultation that will set you free in many ways.

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