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Sexual Problems

Updated: Jul 6

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Consensual intimacy in marriages is an important part of sustaining a fulfilling relationship.

Many women and men have problems with sex at some stage in their lives, which can cause tension and lead to difficulties.

Many women struggle with symptoms ranging from painful intercourse to feeling anxious during the deed, difficulties reaching the top of Mount Everest (orgasm) and total loss of interest. On the other side, many men struggle with popping the bubbly to early (premature ejaculation), erectile dysfunction, loss of libido, anorgasmia, and dyspareunia.

1 Dyspareunia

Dyspareunia, (pain during sex) can be very common. While more common in women, men can also experience dyspareunia. Women are prone to experiencing pain during sex when the oestrogen levels fall during the menopausal phase. However, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, as well as scar tissue from surgery and sexually transmitted deceased also results in pain during sex.

Psychologically linked to insufficient lubrication during sexual intimacy is also linked to dyspareunia.

In males, the discomfort and pain are normally in the pelvic or genital area during or after sex – some may even experience a burning sensation during or after ejaculation.

If left unattended and untreated, dyspareunia can lead to a negative cycle of reduced sex drive, avoidance of sexual activity or anorgasmia.

As pain during sex can have physical and psychological causes, I strongly advice that you visit your general medical practitioner to rule out any medical conditions. Common psychological causes can be, but are not limited to, stress, a history of sexual abuse, unresolved trauma, depression, and anxiety around sex.

How can hypnotherapy help with dyspareunia?

When you find sex a painful experience, it is normal to develop some anxiety around it. Hypnotherapy can help to reduce this anxiety and increase your confidence. Furthermore hypnotherapy for pain management changes the thought patterns you have related to pain, hence making a substantial difference to ones perception of pain and with the lack of pain the pleasure intensifies.

2 Vaginismus

Vaginismus is a distressing condition characterised by an involuntary spasm of the muscles that surround the entrance of the vagina. Although it can be linked to physical conditions, it is more likely that vaginismus is linked to psychological aspects such as relationship problems and/or fear of pregnancy.

Vaginismus is common in women who fear penetration, of which the origin can be a long-term sexual phobia or previous traumatic or painful sexual experiences, (including unpleasant or painful past experiences, such as childhood sexual abuse, not being ready, which spontaneously can create anxiety and fear around sex), which activates the body to want to protect itself automatically by shutting down.

How can hypnotherapy help with Vaginismus?

Together you and your hypnotherapist will work with your subconscious mind, (which stores all memories of your experiences and monitors bodily functions) in order to uncover the underlying issue of the problem you are having. With a hypnosis technique called Analytical Regression, you can heal past trauma experienced and remove anxiety you feel towards sex.

3 Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is the term used when someone ejaculates too quickly during sex. According to a study done with 500 couples from different countries the average time taken to ejaculate was five and a half minutes – the reality is that there’s no “correct” duration as it entirely depend on what’s the best for the couple. If around half of your sexual endearers results in premature ejaculation and it’s becoming a problem, I would advise that you seek help from a professional. There is primary premature ejaculation (the problem has always been there) and then there is secondary ejaculation (the problem started recently). Knowing which one you have can be helpful when visiting your General Medical Practitioner. As the issue can have physical and psychological causes or even a combination of the two, it is recommended that you first visit your General Medical Practitioner. Common psychological causes at play here include depression stress, relationship issues and anxiety.

How can hypnotherapy help with Premature Ejaculation?

Hypnotherapy works on a subconscious level, encourage positive change through the power of suggestion. Hypnotherapy for stress and anxiety can be especially helpful and when it is combined with hypnosis for self-confidence and self-esteem, future integration and visualisation, it is a powerful tool in helping someone overcome premature ejaculation.

4 Anorgasmia

Anorgasmia is also known as orgasmic dysfunction. One has anorgasmia when she/he persistently is unable to reach orgasm during sex. Both male and female can struggle with this, however, it is more common in women. Although many women do not need to have an orgasm to enjoy sex being unable to have an orgasm may be troubling for some women and their partners.

Reasons why some women cannot have an orgasm vary from medical causes to deep-rooted psychological issues impacting their ability to let go which can be the result of mental health issues such as depression or previous traumatic experiences.

Then some women may experience anorgasmia due to a lack of knowledge regarding sexual contact or because an underlying fear of sex and feeling aroused out of fear of losing control.

Others may be in a dissatisfied and unhappy situation in their relationship and dissatisfied with the sexual stimulation from their partner.

There can be many reasons why someone struggles to reach orgasm, from physical conditions to psychological and emotional concerns. Seeing your Medical Practitioner will help to identify what the causes may be.

How can hypnotherapy help with Anorgasmia?

The negative associations and expectations of past sexual experiences that are underlying to anorgasmia can be addressed by hypnosis for self-esteem plus combining this with re-patterning the negative associations with sexual relations into positive ones – “I can’t have an orgasm” into the deliverance of “It is great to choose to have an orgasm or not. I’ll be happy and my partner will be happy”.

As stress and anxiety can also be underlying issues to anorgasmia, hypnotherapy for stress and anxiety can also be extremely helpful.



5 Loss of Libido

Sex drive is solely personal and differs from one individual to another and that is one of the things that makes us unique. Just as unique as we are, so too is our sex drive, which can change over time.

Both women and men can experience a reduced sex drive at times. But it is particularly common for a woman to experience low libido at certain times in life (during pregnancy and menopause) and they may have it more persistently too.

Everyone has different sex drivers and there are many factors that influence one’s sex drive – Both physically and psychologically. Often the problem can be linked to stress, excessive tiredness or even relationship issues. Other causes include hormonal issues, diabetes, depression, traumatic sexual experiences, alcohol, and drug abuse.

I would suggest that one should consult you General Medical Practitioner as the first port of call so that should there be physical issues, (such as change in hormones and diabetes), it can be identified and treated.

How can hypnotherapy help with Loss of Libido?

Hypnotherapy can help in several ways. If stress, anxiety, or depression are the potential causes hypnosis targeted at these issues can help. In the case where a lack of confidence and self-worth affects the libido, hypnosis can help one regain one’s self-confidence and help one to appreciate one’s uniqueness and for being who you are. Hypnotherapy can reignite your relationship by assisting you to get to the underlying issue causing the issue and then assist you with the tools and techniques to be the best you, you want to be.



6 Erection Problems

It is normal for men to occasionally fail to get or keep an erection. Similarly, to premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction (impotency) can have physical and/or psychological origins. The culprits causing the interruption that should be a cause for concern includes but are not limited to diabetes, alcohol intake, stress, depression, anxiety, and tiredness. I would suggest consulting you General Medical Practitioner as the first port of call to check out physical issues.

How can hypnotherapy help with Erection Issues?

Should you be able to come to attention for example in the morning but not during sex, this may point to a psychological issue. Post traumatic events stress and performance anxiety may be at the root of the problem.

Hypnotherapy can assist change on a subconscious level. Helping you to process your negative thoughts and experiences in a natural way, changing them from short-term, emotional memories into narrative memories that no longer provoke a stress response so that you may be helped to better respond to stress and to reduce anxiety. And, having subconscious confidence to come to attention.

7 Sex Addiction

Sex addiction can be confused with having a high sex drive. As this is not the case because it is not the frequency of sexual activity that determines sex addiction but rather whether you feel in control of your urges, or not. If you’re engaging in sexual activities that’s putting other people or yourself at risk, or affecting your relationship negatively, it could be advantageous to speak to a professional.

How can hypnotherapy help?

Talking about sexual problems is difficult and embarrassing to most of us. Which means that many of us may refrain from seeking help, all the while suffering in silence. The irony of this is that suffering in silence can make the problem worse, and it could lead to a lot of stress and unhappiness in your life and for those around you – especially your partner. The advantage of Hypnotherapy is that treatment can be partner orientated therapy or individual orientated therapy. Where a sexual problem has an emotional cause rather than a physical one, hypnotherapy can help you understand and overcome problems

overcome problems

8 Conclusion

Hypnosis offers techniques that allow rapid identification of underlying conflicts, unresolved feelings about past events and factors beyond conscious awareness.

Hypnosis affirms positive thoughts towards life and sex. Utilising the visualisation techniques inherent to hypnotherapy will allow you to begin seeing yourself in the best possible way – visualising achieving goals and help you to reinforce the image you are focusing on in your mind.

Hypnotherapy helps you to identify specific causes of stress, anxiety or worries in your life and then assist you in developing techniques to change how you respond to it and to take control of the associated feelings in the best possible way.

Hypnosis promotes relaxation. This is valuable because when you are in a relaxed state the mind is more easily able to adapt and accept the suggestions that is good for you in a way that only benefits you. As a result you can choose to begin to feel more and more confident and relaxed in yourself and your body, which means that you can begin to benefit from intimate relationship as you begin to enjoy the feel good experience.

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