What is pastoral counselling?

Pastoral counselling is the utilisation of a variety of therapy to help people resolve and/or cope with their problems and crises constructively, and in doing so experience healing of their brokenness. Pastoral counselling is a reparative function needed when the growth of individuals is seriously jeopardised or blocked by crises. People may need pastoral counselling in times of severe crises, usually on a short-term basis, but pastoral care is a lifetime requirement. Pastoral counselling is an intervention when a crisis sets in. The focus of pastoral counselling intervention is to restore the growth process of an individual, that has been obstructed by a crisis. Pastoral counselling is an excellent tool for people seeking guidance to remove obstacles in the path of their Christian growth. [Basic types of pastoral care counselling: resources for the Ministry of Healing and Growth, 1984:26, CLINEBELL, H., Nashville: Abingdon.]

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