Tella Cordier (Middelburg)

What stands out for me is that for the first time in a long time I was pain free as I left HypnogeniXpert4Peeble pain free. I was suffering neck and back pain for so long, and especially started the wellness session with a migraine and the headache was overwhelmed and the nausea made me feel weak. The last few weeks prior the session I tried various medication that just didn't help. I ended up feeling so bad that I struggle to get up. As I left HypnogeniXpert4Peeble I felt relaxed. I was pain free for the first time in a long, long time. I was completely pain free and so relaxed. I felt amazing. 

I will most certainly recommend HypnogeniXpert4Peeble in a blink of an eye. Thank you Pierre for the difference you make. 



Dr. Amanda Ligthelm - BChD (Witbank)

As a marathon athlete muscle stiffness and injuries are common problems occurring in long distance running. I went for a three-hour muscle massage at the Wellness Therapy Clinic and all the tension in my muscles were gone - from head to toe! I can definitely recommend Pierre Immelman to sort out any muscle stiffness and fatigue.

Lindi le Roux - Audiologist and Speech Therapist (Middelburg)

I have been struggling with back problems all my life and have consulted several physiotherapists, as well as chiropractors in the past. This only gave me temporary or little relief. After my first consultation with Pierre, I realized that his approach to healing is a holistic approach. The results are sustainable and my pain was relieved in the long term. He is a godly man with a passion for what he does. After his consultations he will always follow up to make sure you don’t have any more pain. He really walks the extra mile for his patients.

I have consulted him for two sport injuries, one of the knees and one for my leg. At that stage I was in immense pain, using schedule five pain killers. In both cases my problems were solved in less than three treatments.

I am able to do exercise without any pain killers at this stage.

I also consulted Pierre for emotional problems. He is the best counsellor I have ever consulted. He helped me to work through traumatic times, with practical advice as well as hypnotherapy.

The treatment was very relaxing. When I went home, I had the most peaceful rest. The next morning, I had courage for all my tasks ahead. It felt as if my stress melted away. My chronic headaches were also something in the past.



Juanita Minnaar (Ermelo)

Dit was vir my altyd lekker om oom Pierre te kom sien het, want hy het my gehelp om oor die seer wat ek lank saam met my gedra het te kom en om weer te glimlag. Stelselmatig kon elke seermaak plekkie genees en met ‘n glimlag vervang word. 

Die Bybel versies en die praktiese verduideliking wat my my gegee het, het my lewe verander. Ek het uitgesien na elke sessie want ek het geweet die Here het met my ‘n afspraak gehad.

Oom Pierre het in my lag en my trane gedeel en so het die swaarmoedigheid wat ek voordat vir my eerste sessie gegaan het, ervaar het, met elke sessie ligter en ligter geraak sodat ek gou weer vir alles kans gesien het.

Hy het baie mooi met my gewerk en my weer my sonskyn glimlag laat terugkry.

Dewald Botha (Middelburg)

Ek is 87 jaar oud. Die afgelope 10 jaar het my skouers en knieë̈ al meer begin pyn. Dit het so erg geword dat ek glad nie meer op my regter skouer kon lê nie. ’n Ortopediese spesialis het ’n operasie aan die skouer voorgestel, wat baie duur sou wees. Ek is na mnr. Immelman en na ’n paar refleksologie behandelings is my knieë̈ en my skouers soveel beter dat ek selfs op my regter skouer kan slaap. 

Michelle Mortelman (Middelburg)

I met Pierre at a very low place in my life, and with his kind and caring yet professional approach, I never felt like another patient, but special. Pierre sometimes had me in session for up to 4 hours at a time, and not once had he rushed to get the session done. The sessions with him changed my life, my headaches are gone, I am sleeping better and laughing more. I wouldn’t be feeling as good if it wasn’t for the sessions with him. I will definitely recommend him.



Jan (Middelburg)

Pierre’s approach made a day and night difference in my life. My favourite part of our sessions is when we explore the emotions behind our thoughts, this feels as though it is the most healing part of the session (carefully opening up the wounds with care and cleaning it so that the healing process can start). Although this is mentally taxing process and does take a lot of effort, this is the part of the session that I reflect on the most afterwards.


If people that plan to work with Pierre would ask me whether they should work with him or not: I would tell them that his speciality is that he takes people on a guided journey of their own emotions. He help one identify, feel and let go of the unresolved emotions. This, in turn, places you in a position to heal and grow. 

I highly recommend his services because he has this liberating unique way of not tell people what is wrong, but rather guiding you to tell yourself what is wrong. He then guides you in exploring ways to take owner and for you to derive at a solution and plan to heal in a way that you choose.


From the very first session with him, I have personally seen a major result. As the sessions continued and we progressed through the journey, I have accepted who I am, with all my flaws, and realised that it is okay to be me, I have developed a hope for the future that it might be wonderful to be me and I have the urge to be the best me I possible can be. I have greatly benefited by this journey and I would describe my benefits as such: If you would have asked me at the beginning of the year: "In your 33 years of life, do you feel it was worth it to have been born?" My honest answer would have been: "NO" Now, as a result of the journey he took me on, my honest answer has changed and my answer to that question is “ABSOLUTELY, yes.”



A.G. (Middelburg)

Thinking back to the sessions with Pierre it is difficult to find a favourite part, as he has a very relaxing straight to the point honest approach which made me comfortable to open up and express what had bothered me for so long openly and freely. As a result of this I felt so much lighter after each sessions.

I would openly recommend his sessions and my advice to someone who is thinking of working with him is to Just do it and go for it. Pierre is honest, straight to the point and awesome in the way he guides you to unlock pent up things that’s weighting you down. He guides and motivates you to work through it, release it which means that you can surprise yourself when you experience the rush of lightness and energy as you step into freedom.

The sessions with him definitely left me more relaxed, with my emotions in check and with a clear view of my own potential. This put me back on track in recognising my own self-worth. Unimportant things that would have been a bother in the past doesn’t bother me anymore as I am more focussed on that, that is important now. As a result of this I am calm and I find it easier to interact freely and openly with others.




I suffered back pain for some time. At the end my husband who Pierre also helped suggested that I make an appointment with Pierre. He applied sport massage and the massage quickly brought relief and comfort to the areas that used to be painful. After the second session my back ache was gone completely and I felt much better. I would strongly recommend Pierre and encourage anyone thinking to work with him.



I was having such a busy day and then had a hypnosis session at Hypnogenixpert4peeble. After my session, I felt much more relaxed and my mind was at ease. This was such a cool experience, that I'd do it again and again. If you haven't experienced hypnosis from Hypnogenixpert4peeble all I can say is that I highly recommend this to everone. Long afterwards I am still much calmer and more focused. 

Magda Orton 

(from Hendrina, Mpumalanga)

My favourite part of the Hypnotherapy was spontaneously fading away going into my subconscious inner-wisdom, naturally and just being surrounded by calm safe comfort.

I would most definitely recommend hypnotherapy and would tell anyone considering HypnogeniXpert4Peeble, in a blink of an eye, that HypnoGeniXpert4Peeble assist you to have an experience that connects one with being able to effortlessly understand one’s feelings clearly and to experience that highly enjoyable experience of being part of the most amazing daydream and to be able to experience every detail, every joyous feeling and to easily return to full consciousness completely feeling better than one felt before afterwards. Yet, still remembering all the wonderful detail. 

Working with HypnoGeniXpert4Peeble tough me to be myself - To be that trusting person that I am and that I can trust the process as I during it I remain in control of how much I relax, how deep I go into hypnosis and it through out it was comforting to be myself, as I just let it be and experienced what my inner-resources presented me with. 

Therefore, I experienced the process and the results very positively. Afterwards I found that I had a handle on the situations that prior to my sessions with HypnoGeniXpert4Peeble, would upset me and contribute to escalating stress, depression and anxiety. 

Now, after the therapy, I find it easier every day to let everything happen as it should and as I do that more and more that it is easier to stay calm and to be in control. 

As, I am more and more in control of my emotions and feelings, I am feeling beter more and more every day, greater in all ways conceivable. 

My take away from the experience with HypnoGeniXpert4Peeble is that - All and all it was such a wonderful experience that I would highly recommend it to anyone considering therapy with HypnogeniXpert4Peeble.

Chantel Odendaal

I was surprised in the best positive way by the experience I had with HypnogeniXpert4Peeble and I would tell anyone that considers therapy from HypnoGeniXpert4Peeble, that the therapy is life-changing. The favourite part of the session for me is, the feeling and experience of letting go, relaxing and feeling the sense of relief that flow thru one leaving one feeling light and in control. After each session, it felt as if a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders and because of this, I felt more and more comfortable in my skin, more positive, more relaxed, more and more that the life is worth living for and that it was easy to fall asleep and enjoy the deepest nights rest again, waking up feeling totally refreshed and having zest in abundance and ready for whatever the day has to offer.

Cherise Gouws

My mother was diagnosed with cancer. This was a horrific shock to me. A lady friend who benefited in the best possible way her session with Pierre suggested that I should approach him for sessions. While going for session my mother passed on. I found myself depressed and unhappy (dark spot). Without Pierre’s therapeutic sessions (Hypnosis and Counselling) I would not have been in the great spot that I am in now. 

After each session I felt lighter, as if a ton were lifted off me. The relationship counselling that my husband and I had with Pierre was so effective that after 2 sessions and the love language exercise we did, we experienced an aha moment. We, (my husband and I), understood one another’s love language and it and the counselling guided us to understand one another on a level unknown to us prior to the sessions we had with Pierre. 

I am so happy that my lady friend suggested that I should setup a session with Pierre. She told me that he follows a client centred approach and that his sessions is life changing in the best possible way. I now can concur that the sessions changed my live and my marriage, in the best possible way. 

The sessions with Pierre help me find closure, peace, calm clarity and I relaxed more and more after each session. I found myself again and it felt wonderful. I realise that it is okay to be me and that I am special just the way I am. 

I will most certainly recommend session with Pierre because the results are amazing.


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